Creation in the making

Rather substantial time-lapses between posting has become a thing of the norm of the past year, though that will change! I have for the past year, been working as a Textile Artist for Outlander, the tv series, as hinted at in my last post, which I'm embarrassed to realise was last year!! In addition to being completely absorbed with that particular role, my partner and I are expecting a baby! So that too has been a bit of a distraction, but a very very good one.

So, enough of the excuses eh?! On with the work... I have posted a shot here of a working design I'm inking up, which is to be screen printed. This drawing, I started believe it or not, over two years ago and it has been created from photographic research compiled during a trip to South America almost 4 years ago. I start usually by making pencil drawings of various elements I'm interested in using, like palm trees, a boat, a crumbled building, seed pods etc etc.. then I'll produce a new sketch where I'll play with pulling these elements together, to form a narrative of sorts. Each of the elements in the piece were all photographed in separate places.. the building for example I photographed in Rio and the boat and palm trees were in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. The composition of these elements is entirely imagined.. I'm interested in creating new worlds and narratives from my collective experiences.

The image I've included shows me forming a monochrome version of the pencil drawing underneath, The black line is drawn onto drafting film laid over the original drawing. The pencil drawing is so completely different, its made up in tones, shades and smudges whereas, to screen print, I need to clean it all up and refine it. I'm a big fan of 18th century etched fabrics, which have that monochrome scratchy quality, so thats what I'm going for I guess.

More of this to come, just you wait!