Cada Corno

I’m really excited to be sharing this. Its the first piece of work I’ve developed since finishing Outlander to have my second child, she is now 1 and I wanted to start making again. I signed up to exhibit at Perthshire open Studios, which starts in a weeks time (7th Sept 2019) so this has been my deadline for this new work.

The image shown is the artwork set to repeat, which is currently being digitally printed onto fabric, it’ll come back to me very soon and I’ll be making things with it thereafter. Theres a lot going on conceptually within the design, the inspriation for it was gathered around 2012 during a long trip through various South American countries. I had intended on developing this work long before, but numerous house moves, Outlander plus two children all kept me fairly busy.

I had produced a load of drawings and a screen print from some of the research material, but this is the first substantial piece I’ll have put out. I can’t wait to see it in repeat and on fabric.

I found myself less interested in the big typically touristic sites and more so in smaller, unseen, everyday, overlooked subjects. I wasn’t really aware of this until I started looking back at my photos and drawings, things like seed pods, banana plants, weeds, farm animals, trees, outbuildings. A Bolivian woman descaling fish, became central to the design. I wanted to pull her out of the photo, of the research and elevate her, above the landscape she’s part of and above the church. Something of a reclaiming of her place within her country, above the infiltrated religon that dominates Bolivia and the surrounding countries. She becomes monumental.

final cada corno web high res.jpg

More studio time..

My lovely mum and Auntie Pam are up helping ferry the nippers around and keep them entertained, which means some studio time for me. A few more bits to share here.. 

They'll be scanned, re worked a little, then composed together and digitally printed onto fabric. So its hard to get a sense of how they'll really work until I get the final print through.  




Pulling out photos from a good while back.. I've started and stopped various pieces based on this collection of photos (there are a hundred or so more).

I'm pulling these unfinished pieces together and resolving a few others from the same collection, to exhibit at Perthshire open studios this September.


New house, new Village

After a pretty crazy last year, up until these last few weeks that is.. I am finally getting around to addressing my blog, website, personal interests.. all of which had to be shelved during a pretty gruelling period of life last year and an incredibly stressful house move this year. It has landed us now in the delightful village of Comrie, where I write 9 months pregnant!  - I did mention it had been stressful right?! I have had to start over with the blog, as the other was a mess and my impatience got the better of me, so here we are,

True to form, I couldn't move into a new, practical home.. I had to go for the place with crumbling plaster work, asbestos in the ceilings, 50 year old crumbling carpets and dated electrics. Please read the about page for an explanation on my peculiar interest in strange old things and this will make better sense...

Our place is pretty cool and during the gutting out of carpets and ceilings etc, I found a few interesting things I'd like to share. The fireplaces have not been touched of course, even if they are 1940's pieces and the house is 1880, the one I've pictured below I adore. The jacket we found hanging out from the timbers when we took out one of the ceilings, along with a bunch of other clothing items being used as insulation it seems.

reusing, darning, stitching, patching, reusing